Behind the scenes : Bedchamber concept art. Freebie included!

Tutorial / 05 November 2020


As a warm up to writing more articles and blog posts, I wanted to start with a dissection and tutorial of a older piece from my portfolio. You can find it on the Artstation Marketplace or my website - Did I mention it's totally FREE !  It includes the PSD, reference files and a written document that goes over the process. So be sure to check that out!

2020 is about to end in just under two months, and with that in mind I want to go back to writing.   I have decided to write more articles about my development as an artist, experiences. The aim is to re-ignite the fire of my blog. I would love to share with you what I learned in this year. Particularly I want to share some of my thoughts on interesting topics and methods in the industry as a landscape painter / concept artist.

Be sure to check out my blog every now and then. The second article will, hopefully, land before the end of this year!

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