It ain't over till the fat lady sings !

General / 22 December 2015
In this blog post I´ll be sharing some  recent sketches that I made. You can see them below this post. In the meantime some thoughts on my online presence : I'm still thinking about what  I want to do with the layout of my website and it will probaly be undergoing many minor changes in the future. I have asked advice  from fellow artist friends on the publishing of portfolio's and personal work. I want to include my most beloved pieces of personal work. So from now on, the Gallery will serve as a living page where I'll store my favored sketches and other pieces. The home page will serve as as landing / portfolio page, which is obviously due for a major overhaul. Expect many changes there the new year!

Lately I haven't been studying much, but instead I have been focussing on just making personal work and putting my knowledge into practice. I have some ideas for upcoming pieces and I'm still thinking about a potential project that involves Dutch landscapes. At the moment there are many individual dots that I need to connect. I believe that 2016 will force me to shift into a higher gear. I expect next year will be difficult, but for all the right reasons. I think I'm heading for a rough time but I believe I will emerge stronger once it's behind me.

I wasn't planning on writing a big blog post to summarize the end of 2015, but looks like that's where it's heading! I'll sign off for now and come back later to touch on some subjects from this year.