General / 02 January 2023

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of my career as a fulltime freelance artist! I don't really know what to say about it. It has been an eye opener for sure. For the last 10+ years I have been working day/night jobs while I worked on my craft. Ever building towards that goal. If you've read a bit more of my blogs, you might recall it was not without emberassing mistakes or painful regrets.  

In late December 2021, I was very fortunate to find multiple projects landing at my feet, while I was still working at the restaurant. Three very exciting projects, but only one that would truly be the best fit and the most promising. It was right during the last lockdown in my country. Business at the restaurant job was slow. The year was almost at and end, and here shows up an amazing opportunity. Somehow it felt like destiny calling. 

I called my dad and asked him what I should do. 'Buckle down and ride it out' he said. We bought a christmas tree together, and had a long overdue talk during that car ride. Man to man, not just father and son. He wanted me to know that, if I was really serious about my goals, it was time to look in the mirror and ask myself what I really wanted. Saying you want to become a fulltime artist is one thing, but doing it is another. I knew I had a shot of making it work, but I had to commit. 

So I followed his advice. I set up a schedule, and worked my ass off that month. However I learned a thing or two about crunch time. When the dust settled, December had flew by and suddenly it was 2022 - with two promising job offers. I weighed my options and made a very clear decision. And the rest is history! Bringing the good news to my family at the dinner table was the best feeling ever. I have proven I could do it!

Now, I work as a concept artist for their project; 'Wild Life'! Check out the cinematic trailer and their Patreon here The game is 18+ but don't let that scare you off. We're building some cool stuff!  Speaking of which, I added a sneak preview of some concept art I made. There are a lot more pieces coming soon. 

Sadly, my dad passed away in the summer of 2022. It hasn't been the same without him. Except that I'm now more close with my family than ever. I'm glad he got to see many beautiful things during his short retirement. Moreover I'm proud and happy he saw me grow out of my shell and find a home and a career. He never will have to worry about me again. Thanks dad, for all your love and care. 

I am uncertain where 2023 will take me. For now, I want to focus on learning from my current job. So far It's been a really exiting. Meanwhile, I'm also rebuilding my website. There's a bunch of new artwork coming soon! So stick around :) For all those that read my blogs,thank you for taking an interest in my little life.